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I am a nonprofit leader too, and I know what it means to be in constant action in seeking financial support and managing a team of resource development professionals that are the operating engine of your nonprofit. It is my goal to help nonprofit leaders build capacity by raising more money and awareness than they've ever done before. 

Hello Community!

My name is Brandi Rae Hicks and I am a grant writer and nonprofit consultant with more than twenty years of experience. I run a nonprofit resource development firm called, SERVE University (affectionately known as, SERVE-U) for leaders who want to learn how to serve in their communities more abundantly. 

With every project I serve, I connect with leaders who strive to build impactful programs, reach fundraising goals, and maximize your nonprofit's potential.

I’m looking to support nonprofits that want to go to the next level and need the right tools and resources to continue the great work of giving back to our most deserving neighbors.


Who do you know in the community that I can help their nonprofits serve more abundantly?

Brandi Rae




This is the time to create content for your nonprofit’s communications plan for fundraising and development for the next 90 days.


I have something for you.


Now, more than ever - is the time to revisit your fundraising and development plan – step back into the community (social-distance or virtually, of course!), be seen, and share your mission to donors and grantors.  


There is no better time to SERVE and show your nonprofit how you’ve been transforming your lives in your community.


Do you need to shift your fundraising and development plan as a result of current events?


There is a simple and strategic way to start fundraising and communicating with your community while churning out content that is aligned with your nonprofit’s mission and start connecting with resources that know, like, and trust your mission. 


I’m teaching THIS Saturday and Sunday for 75 minutes on how you can reshape your nonprofit’s fundraising and communicating during this time and never run out of content ideas that you’re going to need in the upcoming weeks.


By the end of this course, nonprofit leaders will learn exactly how to:

  • Create content for community communications that are aligned with your mission-driven purpose

  • Create an agency Needs List based on emergency, transitional, and long-term needs

  • Create a Letter to the Community to share with your partners

  • Recommendations on how to create a plan that allows you to create and record content for internal and external communications

  • Write and speak a consistent messaging so you can connect with your donors and grantors

  • Create the content your nonprofit needs right now! with less effort 

Here is the course timeline:  


10 minutes:   What’s possible for your nonprofit’s current fundraising and communications?

20 minutes:   Creating a Needs List

20 minutes:   Scripting the Letter to the Community 

10 minutes:   Reshaping your Fundraising and Communications

15 minutes:   Ask Brandi Rae Everything


You have two (2) opportunities to take this course.


Let’s get you into action so you can stop spinning your wheels and start producing effective content this weekend.


The class size will be limited to ten people per session. 


Course Date/Time: 

Saturday 3/21 at 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM


Sunday 3/22 at 3:00 PM – 4:15 PM





Certification classes starting February 5, 2020


2/5 - FND110: Ethics to Fundraising

2/6 - NPO230: Nonprofit Fundraising & Development

2/19 - FND120: Intro to Corporate & Foundation Relations

3/18 - FND140: Intro to Government Funding

4/15 - FND160: Intro to Development Planning & Budgeting



2/13 - FND242: Begin with the End in Mind: Grant Budgeting

2/27 - FND243: Grant Reporting for Impact


Southern Regional Grant Conference - April 23-24

Greenville, SC9a:30 am

The Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina Chapters of the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) are joining forces for the 2020 Southern Regional Grant Conference: Connecting Our Communities. Held in Greenville, South Carolina on Thursday-Friday, April 23-24, 2020, this conference will bring together grant professionals from the nonprofit, government, education, and consulting sectors.


This conference brings together grant professionals from the nonprofit, government, education, and consulting sectors. For the third year, Brandi Rae is presenting her workshop, "10 Things You Need to Start Your Grant Consulting Business". 


 Grant Writing Certificate Course (Level 1 + 2) 

Writing Training is designed for new-to-nonprofit leaders to the veteran executives that want to prepare

their organizations to “get grant ready” and stay grant compliant. Students will learn tools to create their nonprofit's fundraising portfolio. The course tracks will teach emerging and active grant writers how to prepare for their first grant or fine-tune writing skills.


MODULE 1 - Introduction to Grant Writing: 10 Things You Need to Write A Grant and Identifying Grant Opportunities

MODULE 2 – The Grant Narrative: Preparing the Winning Grant Application

MODULE 3 – The Grant Budget and How to Find Grant Partners

MODULE 4 – The Peer Review Panel


I've met so many nonprofit leaders who were serving alone.

My purpose also kept me up many of sleepless night struggling trying to figure out pay for all it all.

I've created a private Facebook Group to help nonprofit leaders convert your passion for giving back into profits that pay it forward. It's a community of nonprofit leaders that are in their neighbors serving


We share nonprofit nuggets, celebrate your services to others, and we can even review your grant before submission.

Let's serve, together!

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SERVE-U courses showed our nonprofit how to help my board of directors to work together and to effectively and put together our strategic plan.

- Job Readiness Service-Provider Leader

All of the aspects of the course were useful and valuable. I needed every bit of knowledge that was provided. - Girls Empowerment Leader

These courses are amazing! I feel so much better in how we will communicate our gifts going forward because of SERVE-U templates and one-on-one masterclasses. - STEM Educator & Executive Director


Let’s Serve!

Phone Number: 404-500-8822    /     Email: 

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