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Brandi Rae

Grant Writer & Nonprofit Consultant

Writing grants isn't as hard as it sounds.

Grant writing, fundraising, and

board development doesn't have to be as stressful as it has been in the past.

I am a nonprofit leader too, and I know what it means to have financial support and a team of fundraisers to fuel your nonprofit. It is my goal to help nonprofit leaders build capacity by raising more money and awareness than they've ever done before. 

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tuition-free eWorkbook

5 W's of Your Nonprofit

Who, Why, What, Where & When

This is the information I wish I had when I first started writing grants. 5 Ws is our

#1 course download, and it's still transforming applications to awards! 

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Our community connects every Friday to discuss fundraising + grant writing tips.

Learn how to FUNdraise!

Join our global community

of nonprofit leaders

I've met so many nonprofit leaders who were serving alone.

My purpose also kept me up many of sleepless night struggling trying to figure out pay for all it all.

I've created a private Facebook Group to help nonprofit leaders convert your passion for giving back into profits that pay it forward. It's a community of nonprofit leaders that are in their neighbors serving


We share nonprofit nuggets, celebrate your services to others, and we can even review your grant before submission.

Let's serve, together.

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Serve University (known as, SERVE-U) is a professional development institute for nonprofit leaders who want to learn how to serve their communities more abundantly. We offer self-paced and live courses through distance learning and classroom-style settings. 

My name is Brandi Rae

I am Brandi Rae Hicks and I a run and training and development company for nonprofits, grants writers, and servant leaders.


With every project I serve, I connect with communitarians that want to build a solid foundation of programs and profit, broaden their awareness campaigns, and help nonprofits move out of their own way.


I’m looking to support nonprofits that want to go to the next level and need the right tools and resources to continue the great work of giving back to our most deserving neighbors.


Who do you know in the community that I can help their nonprofits serve more abundantly?